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Navigating life after treatment can be challenging. Axiom OC is a sober living in Orange County, Ca. We help you stay connected by providing support, structure, and accountability while transitioning back into a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Balancing work, programs, and personal life is part of the recovery process. That's why Finding the right sober living is a part of establishing healthy living and independence.

At Axiom, we are a community that surrounds you with positive influences. This can be extremely powerful with a strong support system in your corner to help fight the temptation, deal with cravings, and learn how to live life sober.


Find Purpose in Life with Sober Living

Its a Journey

Sober living is just one of many steps taken on the path to recovery.

Hold on for the ride

Life moves fast, and having the right support can be the key.

Anchor Yourself

Sober Living is a way to anchor yourself in recovery

Sober Living

Sober living can help you build a solid foundation for recovery.

"I have been with Axiom for three months and could not be happier. It is run by caring and genuine people, which is precisely why I am doing so well!"

What is sober living?

Sober living homes, halfway houses, or recovery houses are residential homes that offer a safe and supportive environment for people with mental health or substance abuse issues. Axiom Sober Living in Orange County supports you while you maintain a new life early in recovery. We provide everyone with support and accountability, which may include meeting attendance and house rules. Our homes are safe, clean, and comfortable. Many find healing, purpose, and a sense of community when living in sober living.

Sober living homes are not treatment facilities, which is a crucial distinction. Sober living operators do not offer clinical or medical services, but many residents attend outpatient treatment

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