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What is Sober Living?

Sober living homes provide a structured, substance-free environment for individuals in recovery. They often act as a bridge between inpatient treatment and returning to everyday life, offering support and community.

Residents can find encouragement, community, and guidance as they work towards rebuilding their lives. With structured routines, peer support, and access to resources such as counseling, meetings, and job placement, residents can cultivate sobriety, a sense of belonging, and hope for a brighter future.

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How much time sober do I need to be eligible?

We understand that clients can be at various stages of their recovery journey and do not strictly require a minimum sobriety period. Instead, we focus on your commitment to recovery and your willingness to abide by the house rules and participate in the community.

How long can I stay in a sober living home?

It's up to you! Some stay a few months, while others might stay for a year or more. It largely depends on your recovery journey and needs.

What kind of rules are there in sober living homes?

The main goal of sober living is to provide structure and accountability so rules are crucial for maintaining the safety and sobriety of all residents. They can include:

- Abstaining from any and all mind-altering substances.

- Routine drug and alcohol screening.

- Respecting curfew restrictions.

- Completing household chores.

-Attending weekly meetings

How do I know Sober Living is right for me?

If you're committed to maintaining sobriety and rebuilding your life after transitioning out of a rehabilitation program or facing challenges in maintaining sobriety in your current environment, sober living is for you!

How much does it cost? Is insurance accepted for sober living costs?

Sober living costs can vary but usually include rent and deposit. Insurance coverage for sober living may be available depending on the level of care and facilities may also offer financial assistance. Speaking with a member of our admissions team is a quick and easy way to understand what options are available for you.

What should I bring in to sober living?

Pack light! Bring items that support your recovery, comfort, and day-to-day needs. Here's a small guide on what to bring:

1. Personal Identification and Important Documents

2. Enough clothes for about two weeks. Consider the weather and include casual, workout, and at least one formal outfit for special events and job interviews.

3. Toiletries and personal hygiene products.

4. Medications and prescriptions.

5. Entertainment, recovery materials, electronics (and chargers)

And last but not least, a positive attitude and open mind. Be willing to grow, learn, and participate in your new community.


Can I work or go to school while living in sober living?

Yes, residents are required to either be actively working, looking for work, attend school, or engage in volunteer work as part of their recovery and reintegration into society.

Meet Adam.

Adam Allen, once a client, has made a remarkable transformation. After successfully completing our program, he has become an Assistant House Manager and plays a crucial role in running our alumni program. Adam's journey from recovery to contributing back to the community that supported him is inspirational. His dedication to helping others and fostering a supportive environment for recovery and growth highlights the positive impact of our center's mission. Adam's story is a powerful testament to resilience, hope, and the possibility of a new beginning.

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" I've always heard mixed opinions about sober livings, but I love it here. It really helped me develope structure, accountability, and figure out how to be a part of a community again, those 3 thing are crucial for recovery, especially early on! It's important to remember the purpose of Sober Living and why we came here in the first place ... its not a vacation home, you're there to build healthy lifeskills, and that's ecxcatly what Axiom has helped me do."

-Adam Allen

2023 Program Graduate