Build a Recovery Foundation

At Axiom sober living in Orange County, Ca,
we are dedicated to helping individuals who are motivated and committed to long-term recovery.

Sober living in Fountain Valley and Santa Ana.

At Axiom, recovery is possible, and we work together to help you find serenity and purpose that will guide you into the world knowing that living a sober life can be fulfilling and full of miracles.

Since its inception, Axiom Sober Living has grown into a reputable organization that has assisted in the recovery of hundreds of individuals.

Balance is the key.

To that end, we provide a sober living space that is comfortable, clean, and conducive to meaningful recovery. Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in programs that aim to improve their quality of life, such as outpatient therapy, gainful employment, further education, community service, and self-help programs.

A blueprint for life designed for change.

We will work together to find a sense of serenity and hopefulness that will carry us through the rest of our lives and help us contribute to the world in new and different ways.

Axiom Sober Living in Orange County, Ca. Giving people a second chance at life.

The first few months in recovery can be fun, exciting, stressful, and scary. We motivate and encourage our clients to regain the confidence they need to transition out of residential treatment and back into society.

Our goal is to help people maintain the progress they have made by providing a stable living environment and community support that instills a sense of belonging, responsibility, and self-sufficiency.

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